Time off

Took some time off work. Followed my nose around SF before heading to Capitola & a small cottage by the sea.

Fruit Games 2016

This fruity bunch will be jumping, throwing, swimming and squashing all over the world for the next 2 weeks. All my designs and animation will pop up here in the next fortnight- download and play the games for free HERE

Juno reaches Jupiter

After 5 years travel Juno has reached Jupiter. Congratulations to all involved. My animation and designs

July 4th

My July 4th illustration- these stars deserve a day off once a year at least

Euro 2016

May the tournament begin! My animation for the start of France hosting Euro 2016. Here's hoping for a safe and entertaining competition. Bonne Chance!

St George's Day/Shakespeare's 400th anniversary.

Here's some ideas around the theme of celebrating both Shakespeare's 400th anniversary and St George's Day on the same date, April 23rd. I started off quite cartoony but felt Shakespeare deserved more respect. I added 8 of his plays into a design with St George and dragon incorporated into a border. I hope you enjoy identifying some of his works.

At one point I depicted St George in his second greatest moment- acting out Hamlet. All the world's a stage/log sometimes.

Joshua Tree- November 2015.

Took a short painting trip to Joshua Tree with Matt Jones & Mike Dutton. Pretty surreal landscape, akin to crash landing on another planet! Highly recommended. On the drive back I heard the news that my darling Nan had passed away at 91. These paintings are for her x