Earth Day 2018 ft Jane Goodall

I met Jane Goodall in LA on the 22nd Feb to collaborate on a personal message for Earth Day. We interviewed & recorded her many remarkable experiences with a view to animating sections of them. It became clear to me this was an extraordinary woman, with a steely glint of determination in her eye that still burns bright. The mandate was clear- The Earth is a miracle and we all have a duty to care for it.

I tried my best to bring her stories of childhood, chimpanzees, rainforests and wisdom to life. I couldn't think of anything more important than celebrating life through colour, design and movement- attributes the natural world continue to amaze me with every day.

Thank you Jane.

The short film is HERE. Below are designs, iterations & test animations that I made along the way:

Hannah Glasse

By 'eck! The creator of Yorkshire Pudding.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Celebrating the great man and his seminal novel 100 Years of Solitude.

African Nations Football Championships 2018

To celebrate the beginning of the tournament on January 12th.

Seattle and The Andrew Wyeth Retrospective.

I had the pleasure to accompany Mike Dutton up to Seattle to see The Andrew Wyeth retrospective. I only had half a day to look around Pioneer Square and make a few studies. I liked what I saw! The Wyeth display was sensational. I left the show dizzy, deciding to draw a few of the museums permanent collection.

Peter Parr visits!

My animation tutor from 22 years ago popped into work. A truly inspiring person and artist in every way.


Cycling around the East Bay back in November. Everything I saw in one composition.

Life Drawing Nov/Dec

Back after many years. Onwards and upwards.

The Tenderloin

The Tenderloin district in San Fran (Named after several theories: New York district, corrupt police saying, the loins of the prostitutes or the shape of the area). Here's all I saw in one go. Hidden gem is "The Magazine" shop on Larkin which Robert Crumb frequented. The owners have been there 45 years and give a free Crumb poster if asked. Most shocking thing I saw was an amputee with huge knife in his belt. Completely illegal and instant arrest in London.

5 days in Mexico City

Sprawling. Vibrant. Humbling. From Frida Kahlo's Cobalt blue garden to the street life. Wonderful place and wonderful people. My sketchbook entries: